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About Our Products

What is used to make soap? In order to be considered soap, it must contain a fat (olive oil, Shea butter, etc.), lye (sodium hydroxide), and water (milk, water, etc.). Anything else added is just a bonus.

How do you scent your soaps and products? We use only essentials oils to scent our products. We prefer to keep things as natural as possible. If synthetic fragrances are desired, then it must be specially ordered.

How long do your soaps last? When using natural soaps, it's important to use some sort of soap saver or other drainage for your soap, which allows them to dry between uses. Natural, handcrafted soaps have their own glycerin, a humectant that is a natural by-product of natural soaps. Glycerin will naturally try to hold on to water and will melt quickly, since natural soaps do not have added harmful chemicals or fillers. With that said, natural, handcrafted soaps can last a few weeks.

What about glycerin? Did you know that commercial soaps also produce glycerin, but their glycerin is taken out and sold to other cosmetic companies? So, what do commercial soap companies use to replace that wonderful moisture from glycerin? Things that make you go hmmm...

Our team

Melissa Spriggs

Owner & Creator

In the fall of 2013, I was searching for natural body & facial stuff when I stumbled across natural soap making. At first, I thought it was too hard to do, so I dismissed it. Then, I ended up revisiting it again, and that's when I fell in love with making my own soaps. As a result, here I am, desiring to bring my love, my art, and my skills to you. In using my natural, homemade soaps, I have noticed an incredible change in my own skin. Having suffered from eczema, dry scalp, facial dandruff (seborrheic dermatitis), and dry skin, I would've never considered the soaps I was using. I thought that the natural oils and body butters I was using were enough. While experimenting and learning about the different soap recipes, fragrances, essential oils, etc., I would, at times, give my soaps away to friend and family, who'd really enjoyed what I made and thought that they were pretty cool. From there on, different family and friends encouraged me to start my own business, so as of January 1, 2014, Naturally Spriggs was launched. Each soap is handcrafted with a great deal of love and dedication. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

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